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The cryptocurrency was introduced by the Cypherpunks movement in the beginning of the 80's, which defended the respect of digital privacy by using cryptography.

Even though the first digital currency was born in 1989, the first cryptocurrency made accessible, the Bitcoin, was created on January 3rd in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, legendary character or group whose true identity remains a mystery to this day. 

It is an anonymous and strong self-regulating peer-to-peer digital system, using decentralized control instead of a trusted third party. 

Its safety comes from the use of cryptography, the transactions and the coopetitive verification system of all of its transactions by its participants.

As of today, crypto assets are considered by many as stores of values, especially due to their finite character which is therefore non-inflationary.

Up to this time, there are thousands different types of crypto assets. 

RR Crypto is an association offering pedagogy and personalized support in your crypto assets related projects in order to take part in a reliable and sustainable economic alternative given the current stakes.
The association was born out of the vision of Vincent ROPIOT, passionate and committed to the crypto assets sector since 2013.
RR Crypto developed its own trading method through the evolution of this field in order to make our service accessible to all.  
RR Crypto has the will to create a real ecosystem of crypto assets services in order to support this system.


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The RR Crypto association offers you personalized support in your crypto assets projects.

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