Newsletter of July 3, 2020

We are pleased to announce our partnership with

What is

Created in June 2018, managed by the chairman Christophe GAUTHIER and the managing director Frédéric GILLES, the company obtained its AMF VISA in 2019. is a company offering cryptocurrency fundraising to finance French business projects using the blockchain technology.


Its activity is to sell services intended for project leaders and their investors.


It provides a set of tools and services intended to finance and promote projects to a public of investors.  This platform includes security, transparency and control over KYC/AML (Anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing).

Why did we join

By supporting this innovative project financing solution, RR Crypto aims to promote the ICO* in ETHEREUM.

Since 2014, ICOs have made it possible to raise several billion Euros around the world.


* What is an ICO (Initial coin offering)?


An ICO is a fundraising method that works through the issuance of digital assets exchangeable for cryptocurrencies during the start-up phase of a project. These assets, called “tokens”, are issued and exchanged using the blockchain technology.

Why might you be interested?

As an investor:

You are free to choose the project you want to support.  In exchange for your contributions, you will receive tokens that are exchangeable either for products and services of the project promoter or on secondary markets.

The multi-project platform will allow you to benefit from a larger selection of projects meeting your expectations.


As a project leader:

You will collect funds from French and international investors without capital dilution. You will benefit from personalized support and increased visibility.


Do you have a project ?


  • Create your project directly on their platform.

  • You will be eligible within 48 hours after checking your project.

  • You will be supported throughout your fundraising campaign until you submit your white paper to the AMF (if necessary).

The RR Crypto team

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The RR Crypto association offers you personalized support in your crypto assets projects.

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